Winbot 850  is a commercial project I designed for Ecovacs. It has been sold on the market for about 4 years.

In 2014, Ecovacs re-establish its brand image by redesigning Winbot 850,  a window-cleaning robot that improves life quality with simple operation. 

Project Type

Commercial Project

Team Project

Project Length

4 months

Key Words

Commercial design
Cleaning System
Smart home


Market research, Design language, Machine structure innovation, Physical interaction,2D and 3D prototype, CMF, and Manufacturing


Field Research


According to our research, because robotics become smarter, fewer actions need people to do in the future. Also, their responses to human become natural, thus their appearance gets softer than normal technology products.

We define the keywords of the product are easy, safe, clean, light, and soft.


Sketch and Ideas


I refined uses experience by testing different handle structures and designed gaps to refine wind flowing and reducing machine weight. To achieve softer high-tech feelings, I applied a lot of transparent elements to the design.