45° Door Catch is a design with a limited cost for poor people, which won the 2012 Reddot Design award. As a member of the school design team, I made research and came up with the idea refining the axis of rotation to 45°, so the movable part of the catch naturally hangs down due to gravity which prevents it from moving freely and getting caught or bent. 

Project Type

Team Project

Project Length

1 month

Key Words

Social issue care
Ignored objects
Low-cost product design


Idea, Design research, Mock-up testing, Rendering


Project Background


We all know that design focuses on solving problems and making our lives better. However, good design usually means high cost, which people suffering from poverty cannot afford.  So our group tried to figure out how to redesign with the limited cost for poor people.


Field Research

As a result, our group set Chinese villagers as our target user and redesign one object in their lives. For better understanding their living environment, we planned a field trip to Jiangxi Province. Through the 1-week village-life and the interviews with local villagers, we summarized the lifestyle of the Chinese villagers and collected several objects they use in daily lives. Then we listed the merits and drawbacks of each object and considered how can redesign one of them based on utility and get rid of high production cost meanwhile.



After summarizing their living environment, we found the design opportunities from the traditional door catch and started focusing on redesigning it with two concerns:


1. Frequent bumps make the door catch bent and deformed, decreasing its service life.

 2. Traditional door catch is movable,  the user gets scraped and hurt easily.


Sketch, Mockup and Testing


Design Outcomes

2019 created by Dawn Qian.