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Stone Hand Warmer



Warmer is a traditional product to prevent cold in old times. It represents a lifestyle in certain cold areas. Could it survive in the era of high technology? I redesign the function and shape to preserve culture and memory. The new experience brings this cultural treasure to the next generation.​

Project Type

Team project 

Project Length

2 months

Key Words

Culture Design


Design Research, Sketch, Mock-up, Mold Making, and Photography


Project Background

The client (a major plastics chemical manufacturer) aimed to increase their presence in the 2 wheeler market (motorcycles). A partnership with our team was established to develop a marketing proposition to display specific capabilities of their materials through a unique design of a 125cc motorcycle concept.


Language and Sketch


In Zen culture, the stone is one of the most important objects and have several meanings, such as harmony and soul. Also, it is natural and reflects the balance between the man-made structure and nature system. People believe that zen stone can help them achieve intrinsic peace and quiet.


Slip Casting

The stone handwarmer is made by Slip casting which relies on the use of plaster molds, producing complex uniform shapes. Slip casting is often used in the mass production of pottery and involves the pouring of a liquid clay body slip (usually mixed in a blender) into plaster molds. The water in the slip is drawn out of the slip by the plaster, leaving an inside layer of solid clay. When this is thick enough, the excess slip can be poured from the mold and left to dry, when dry the solid clay can then also be de-molded.


Design Outcomes