Sweet Fiber




The project is about designing a small manufacturing system that works in a performative way. What we decide to do is a machine that produces sweets for people with just human force. In the system, Performers and audiences both play the role of the machine. By enjoying different experiences with each sensing system, the audience could have an immersive experience of taking sweets.

Project Type

Team Project for studio class

Project Length

6 weeks

Key Words

Food Design
Production Process
Immersive Experience

Culture Design


Design research,  Sketching, Material Experiments, Structure Testing, Workflow, Model Making. Performance



"what is Exchange?"

"Exchange", as the theme of the design, help me figure out a random but magic design research method. It opens up our mind and creates infinity possibilities for our design.

In our project, "exchange" is a “graft” that triggers the variation of the value between two or more individuals.



Concept Generation

We were trying to find a suitable process that could be replaced partly by natural force, replaceable material and personality planting.

These chains of machines remake sugar to a new form of cotton candy, a new experience of enjoying sweet.








We experimented with 3 spinning structures to see if they meet our speed and safety requirements as the original motor spinner. And we also tried paper,  metal, plastic, and silicon containers to test their heat resistance and durability for hot liquid and high speed.

Formula Spinner

We take the construction of a formula mixer as our spin system, but it spins too slowly which not generate fiber.

Butten Spinner

We also try the button spinner whose speed is super fast but not stable and safe enough for hot sugar liquid.

Mop Spinner

We finally choose a mop spinner to make sugar fiber. It spins fast because the gear set accelerates the spin axis, again and again, to achieve increased speed when the user presses the handle connected to gears.




Machine & System


Measuring Tools

For water and sugar

Cooking Top

Menu & Instruction

Assembly Pad

Spinning Container

Falcon Board Table

Connected by dowels

Sweet smell diffuser

Falcon Board Seat

Connected by dowels

Sweet Fiber Machine

 by human force


The special spin head was build to fit the mop spinner structure. The container could be cleaned quickly. The handle of the fiber generator designed for punching, which is a classic act of making food.

Designed accessories are carefully placed in their place to ensure the fastest workflow.




Service Process


Our team designed the eating process as a ritual eating habit and etiquette. Referring to the tea ceremony, we invite customers to participate in the cooking process. Thus they are not only the viewer but also a part of the system.

service process.png



Immersive Experience


Eating is not only about your tongue but also consists of 5-dimensional senses. We built the Sweet Fiber project to engage our customers with new immersive experience brought by new rules of taking sweets.


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