As one of the special local products, wind at the Headlands carries the responsibility of driving the waves, spreading the seeds, and sculpturing the rocks. We built an eating lab, a system to cook wind, that collects all the ingredients are provided by the “Headlands farm”. It provides creative ways for people to make engagements with nature. Experiencer could enjoy different flavors of wind meals by cooking it.

Project Type

Class Project

Team Project with Linya Huang, Yuchen Sun

Project Length

2 months

Key Words

Tasting Experience Design

Experimental Design

Food Design


Field research, Design sketch, Modeling and Testing


Field Research


We went to Headland to collect value elements that could be transferred into designs. The most impressive one is the wind and herbal smell.


Sketch and Ideas


With the inspiration from a picture of luxury hairdryer experience, we decided to design a system providing people an immersive experience of headland wind. Instead of sensing wind by our bodies, we designed a system to taste the wind. 


Field Testing

We made different wind collectors and test them at Headland.

On the other hand, we searched for local herbs and weed, with a symbolic smell, for rich wind flavors.

After the testing, we came up with two ideas. One is the windsock, another is a large shield with a stand. However, we combine the two directions together.



According to field testing results, we separated the system into 3 parts: windsock collector, windshield, smell distributor.

​Here are some impressive modeling and testing moments.


Presentation at Headland Beach